March 20, 2016 With vocalist and entertainer Ms. Perrita Kitson- in support of victims of Stroke. Thank you 'Language Of Love' and MADHOUSE TV Studios, New York!!

*SMOOTH JAZZ'* Tunes (assorted)

  1. 1 LIFESTYLE by M Marshak/J Feinstein (from Matt Marshak's 2014 ALBUM release *LIFESTYLE*) 06:34 Info
  2. 2 MIDNIGHT SUMMER SKY (reprise) by Erskine E. Melville, Euphemia Melville & Dwayne Kerr from the album FLUTATION by flute artist Dwayne Kerr 01:32 Info
  3. 3 THE 'H' FACTOR by Hubert EavesIV *Dwayne Kerr-flute,*Hubert Eaves-Bass,Drums,keyboards, vocals & vibes*Daryl Grone-guitar*Jeff Feinstein-vibes solo* 04:18 Info
  4. 4 BEING WITH YOU by J feinstein& D Kerr (featuring Dwayne Kerr-Flute (Erykah Badu) and Kirk Whalum on tenor saxophone 03:56 Info
  5. 5 "REESIN AROUND" (XXCHUCK'S GROOVEXX) -take 1 by J Feinstein/M Marshak) as originally presented by me to guitarist Matt Marshak after attending his show in W Hampton NY 03:18 Info
  6. 6 STROLLIN' by D Kerr & J Feinstein jeff-kybds+harmonica dwayne-flutes-T Allen-drums Hubert Eaves-bass 05:16 Info
  7. 7 ANGEL by S Majkia/J Feinstein (Instrumental versn) featuring and recorded by 'ROBOSAX' 03:49 Info
  8. 8 DISCO KID by Matt Marshak & Jeff Feinstein (featuring David Wells on trumpet) from the album "FRIDAY AFTERNOON" by David Wells 03:48 Info
  9. 9 BIG SKYE DREAM by Matt Marshak* guitar, keyboard & drum ,programming- Matt Marshak* Keyboards,synth bass-Jeff Feinstein*soprano saxophone-Mario Cruz 04:28 Info
  10. 10 CHUCK'S GROOVE (by Jfeinstein/M Marshak) after co-write as recorded on Matt's album " on the rocks) 03:29 Info
  11. 11 NALEENIE by J Feinstein (messin' with the awesome patches (sounds) of Kurzweil K2VX keyboard) @ 1990 04:35 Info
  12. 12 JANICE LOVE THEME by Dwayne Kerr *Flute-D Kerr*Keyboards-J Feinstein* Bass-H EavesIV* Drums-Tony Allen 05:15 Info

'Live' @ NYCB Theatre with country artist Steve Azar, Peter Mazzeo & The Hit Squad -June 2013

This was the song playing prior to the following 'live' show...It inspired a definative Mood/Mind Set !!

Jimi Hendrix (Joe Cocker version) *not Avlbl for download*

Jeff Feinstein w Phil Grande and "THE FOLD" prior Phil's latest album***

  1. 1 Little Wing- Jimmy Hendrix (Joe Cocker version) 04:52

'Live' radio/internet show featuring guitarist Phil Grande (Joe Cocker) and some fine players/vocalists March 2014 EKO Studios, Deer Park, NY

"Higher Calling" by Dwayne Kerr and Jeff Feinstein filmed 'live' in Jerusalem,Israel by Kerwin Devonish

Jamming with inspiring writer *Micheal Ernst* n the guys back in the day

My first published R&B/POP song feat. icon artist JoHnny P (Columbia Recd's) 1989

VCP (very cool projects)

MATT MARSHAK- **LIFESTYLE** album release date -July, 2014

'Many 'Moons ago', I attended a Matt Marshak concert. Afterward, I approached him in hopes he would check out a 'demo'-composition I had written called "REESIN' AROUND'. I remember he looked at the tape and said, "A cassette" ??!! Long story short, he re-named the tune "CHUCK'S GROOVE", (dedicated to my father and added the Marshak style to it. But on July 1st,2014, echoes of "Reesin Around'" and "Chuck's Groove'" took yet another Marshak 'twist' even closer to his unique style and incorporating a 'live' team recording with a couple of his (and my) favorite spiritually talented musicians. The 'new' twist' on the tune is called "LIFESTYLE" and is the title track of a damn good album. Thanks for keepin' me 'in the loop' guys*** BTW-bringing the whole new album the closest to his 'live show' status on a recording. Yet another multidimensional MMM (Matt Marshak Move).

Hopefully this needs no explanation..***Hi MOM***


July 2014
-Congrats to guitar artist Matt Marshak and his band on his new album release 'LIFESTYLE" Sounds and feels awesome Matt!! Much luck in spreading and sharing your unique 'vibe' man!!-Jeff

-"BEING WITH YOU", a tune penned by myself and fDwayne Kerr, (veteran flutist for Erykah Badu) featuring saxophone and special person  Kirk Whalum) has  still been airing in even more venues then when it was first released in  November 2009 when the song had hit the three main US Smooth Jazz charts simultaneously ; (in with the likes of George Benson and Dave Koz.). "Being With You" is just one of the various tracks from Dwayne Kerr's 2nd  album, (HIGHER CALLING) that seem to endure 'the test of time' in the genre of 'Smooth Jazz'.

 -  RE: Flute Artist Dwayne Kerr and the  album "HIGHER CALLING"
  It is a rewarding feeling to see (and hear) what hard work, a good lady, a group of colleagues/friends and the utmost faith in god may bring. , (from the album HIGHER CALLING) are compositions that exude the happiness I believe we all possess  somewhere inside us, and the embroidery of the "cast" of HIGHER CALLING inscribed upon it. 
I just wanted to take time to mention that it is my wish that the listeners, (of whom I am one) continue to feel BEING WITH YOU while appreciating the special people they have in their lives.
{May this piece climb high to reach the source of its original inspiration- ( former Minnesota Twin pitcher and  coach Chuck Feinstein(1939-2007}

HUBERT EAVES  IV - (BASS) : If one could take ALL the music  off of the album except for the Bass alone, it could practically  be Hubert's solo album. Just listen to the Charlie Parker-ish fill he does during the breakdown on BEING WITH YOU! [done in one take]

TONY ALLEN - (DRUMS) : Tony leaves his big heart and wonderful personality and channels it all into his art while he is playing. There is no Tony to speak with during this time!

DARYL GRONE***** - (GUITAR) : Some of our shows incorporated the tune "GIANT STEPS"(John Coltrane). When Daryl played over the changes, I felt as if I was comping piano for Wes Montgomery.

DWAYNE KERR - (FLUTES) : EVERY BREATH he makes a sound with comes from the word and love of god.

KIRK WHALUM - (SAX) : Everyone is aware that Kirk Whalum is a busy man with a lot of devotion and talent. I have no idea how he multi-tasked to bring his sincere playing to the song on the album. I do however know that he didn't bat an eye to his friend Dwayne  Kerr's  request to make a guest appearance on the song  BEING WITH YOU.

ERYKAH BADU - (vocals) : I am not a reviewer nor a critic but there must be a reason why this lady could work 366 days a year if she wanted to. I would venture to guess that much of the reason is her voice and the "come to life" expression she uses with it.

MATT MARSHAK - (GUITAR) : Just type his name into your computer and try to disengage before 5 minutes. Good luck.

JEFF FEINSTEIN-(KEYBOARDS) : I'll indulge in one incident;  Dwayne Kerr called me to Frank Persico's studio to take a solo ,(vibes) on the tune "THE H-FACTOR". I got there and heard the track. The extremely funky song took my ears by surprise. I took a practice pass and felt LOST.  Dwayne asked the engineer if he recorded that ONE practice pass that I did. The engineer, (Frank Persico) said "yes".. Dwayne said " Let's hear it back.". Then there was about 45 seconds of complete silence. Dwayne calmly stated " That's a take. Thanks Jeff, you're done". I thought I was fired but Dwayne meant what he had said.

CARMEASHA WILLIAMS - (VOCALS) : Her voice is like the most graceful tinsel, perfectly spaced on someone else's  Christmas tree.... You wish to keep it in your heart****.

Frank Persico- (ENGINEER/Studio owner) (Above and beyond the call of duty) Thank you for always making me sound good man****


Matt and myself- Laurel Lake concert

Jeff fein

(photo by Anthony Graziano)

The concert I did with Matt Marshak and his band, (Ken Harris on bass and vocal, Carl "C" Anderson on drums and vocals) at the LAUREL LAKE VINEYARDS, Long Island)  was a pleasure!! Thank you ALL for your support and obvious enjoyment of the concert. Both family and friends drove a long way to hear and watch the shows. Whether just watching the Matt Marshak band or playing keys with them is always an experience that makes one feel like they're walking away with something special  after you leave the show***

The month of January brought a surprise venue for me to perform at. While visiting The Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood Florida, I was invited to play and sing a set. As I was playing I was made aware that the tourist area had shut off the piped in house music and I was being featured. The piano sounded great and the sound man made the experience even more riveting. Er go, another "15 minutes of fame" and meeting some wonderful people!!

In February I had the pleasure of playing at the enchanting OHEKA CASTLE on Long Island. My client requested a lot of Italian music. "O SOLO MIO" ,"TORNO A SURRIENTO and SANTA LUCIA became lovable songs to me. The piano's are tuned at Oheka which made the already beautiful affair even more elegant.
Maitre d'  (Jimmy DiNucci) did'nt forget me at dinner time where the food and service is excellent!

March 2014 - 'Live' from EKO studios New York, radio/internet show with blues artist Phil Grande and 'THE FOLD" hosted by Mark Klein of 'Blues Warehouse***

April 2014 - My band "CHOSEN" was honored to entertain a celebration of the 66th anniversary of the state of Israel.This special event included a small group of holocaust survivors of WWII. The celebration was spiritually enlightening on behalf of the whole band*****




As a pianist/keyboard player, I experienced the typical musician stages throughout my career ;  jamming with musical friends, playing for the high school chorus, jazz band,"THE' high school rock band(PRISM), Piano bars ending just hours before school started, improvisational comedy shows,gay bars, dozens of children's theater shows,writing poems or songs for those who touched my life, playing showcases in NYC, Piano studies with notable teachers(Joanne Brackeen, The late Artie Doolitle), months on the road with traveling show bands, scary dives, mafia hangout clubs(where my parents would love to come and dance all night),Frank Sinatra imitators in the Catskills, weddings and more weddings,  five star restaurants,jazz clubs, Tavern On The Green, The Pierre Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, Helmsley Palace, World Trade Center, Museum of Natural History, The Rainbow room,St. Regis hotel, The Oheka Castle,Botanical Gardens,The Hard Rock Cafe,  VFW halls (where my father/manager would dress impeccably and sing a song or two), U.S. Virgin Islands (with Joe Frazier and the Knockouts),jamming with bands in Woodstock, N.Y.,concerts such as the Capitol Jazz Festival in Maryland with great players like Dwayne Kerr, Tony Allen(drums) and Kenny Harris (Bass), vineyard concerts in eastern Long Island with talented performers like Matt Marshak and the list goes on with no ending so far.

I could never forget my first songwriting contract with EMI publishing that led to the song on Columbia records."TRUE LOVE" for R&B icon of Chicago, artist JOHNNY P.
Making people happy with music is an indescribable feeling. I forgot to mention how important it was for me to listen to and try to emulate the hundreds of musicians who influenced me and helped to pick my spirit up.
There are so many people to thank that I could never completely keep track. Here are some who helped to inspire me along the way:

Dwayne and Janice Kerr,Hubert Eaves IV, Tony Allen, Daryl Grone,Frank Persico,Carmeasha and Delvin Williams,Kerwin Devonish, Mark (THE VOICE),                       Kirk Whalum,Erykah Badu,Cherly Hughey productions,Roger Lifeset, (all part of the "CAST" of HIGHER CALLING),all the Smooth Jazz station programmers and DJ's, Maestro Jimmy Yeager*Drew Gilmer (BMI), Reverend  John McCave***, Matt Marshak, Chris Marshak,Kenny Harris and the Marshak band,**Fred Guarino of TIKI STUDIOS, Glen Cove. NY** Kayla Abreu,  Silvia Furstenburg,SOUTH SHORE NEUROLOGIC of New York, Mike A. and  Carl Daddino,Don Marshall, Maryann Spano,, Bobby Jarvis,  The GREAT 'Stan Wayne' Al and Jeannie Cardillo, **BANDZOOGLE WEBSITES** and 'the BANDZOOGLE Website 'TEAM' including David English and Joseph** . Steve,Ralph and Ralph of EKO STUDIO PRODUCTIONS, NY****,  Host Mark Klein of "BLUES WAREHOUSE" radio/internet, Phil Grande, Benjamin Abruzzo,Chris Carbery,Dan Ehrlich, Matt Miller,Tim Lawless, Chicago's own R&B singer, JoHnny P    
Manny Focarazzo, PETER MAZZEOand the HIT SQUAD, ,'Robosax', Thomas Campo, John Simeone @ VIOLA PLACE RECORDING Studios,,Bruce Jenney, Seta Majkia and 'THE KWANZAA PROJECT, Thom Gordon, MJR PHOTOGRAPHY,  vocalist Benjiman Abruzzo , Dr Seth David Beyers AKA 'Doctor, Dave' ,  guitarists Michael Lawshe and Michael Ernst  Ms.*Lis* Frank*,Jessica Espinar Bush, Donna Bush  and those who believe in me through creative arts. My most influential role models  have been my father Chuck,, 'HOWIE',  Murray Matevetsky,  and Lottie Feinstein.  Also, special thanks to Tina D (and  family), and  Matt, and Adam Feinstein****
Jeff Feinstein